Air Freight

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Air freight is undoubtedly the fastest, but the most expensive way of delivery of goods. The obvious advantage of transportation by air is the possibility of quick transportation for long distances of any types of cargo, including specific types:
- general cargo,
- oversized,
- dangerous,
- valuable,
- diplomatic,
- perishable goods and these which require a special temperature regime.

We are in a close and effective cooperation with the main air carriers of Europe, USA and Asia. Despite the rather high cost of air freight, we manage to offer our clients commercially viable, carefully calculated options.

Our services in the field of Air freight:
- transportation of goods all over the world,
- transportation of all types of cargo, including specific ones;
- delivery of the freight shipment to the warehouse, warehousing at the airports,
- warehouse handling of cargo and control in the warehouse,
- ensuring delivery in a tight or clearly limited time,
- cargo tracking,
- organization of charter flights for transportation,
- customs clearance of goods,
- payment control of all expenses,
- registration of all documents for international transportation,
- delivery of cargoes to the airport by motor vehicles, and outbound from the airport,
- final delivery of cargo to the client.