Bulk Сargoes

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Dry cargoes, transported by vessels without packing, in bulk, called - bulk cargoes. These include: ore and ore concentrates, fertilizers, protein meal, grains, raw sugar, etc.
For sea transportation of such cargoes use special vessels - bulkers, which may not have special mechanical devices for cargo handling, but have large cargo holds.
When loading bulk cargo, a special stowage and fastening is not required on the ship, however, for handling such cargo in ports it is necessary to have specialized berths, warehouses, equipment and a traffic junction, as bulk cargoes are often transported by large stores, on average from 1 000 to 150 000 tons per vessel. Cargo that do not require indoor or special storage, such as ore and iron ore concentrate, are stored in open storage areas that provide the required volume of one-time storing.

During shipment of large shipload lots, can face with the lack of shortage of warehouse capacities, and only competent transport logistics can help, enabling the ship to be loaded with the simultaneous delivery of the cargo quantity short to the port. Loading at the same time can be combined: from the warehouse and "direct option" - when the cargo arriving at the port is loaded into the ship's hold immediately from the vehicle. It is provided not only with special equipment, but also with competent calculation and organization of the whole process.
To accumulate one such shipload, for example – grain cargo, it is necessary to have a powerful elevator in the port with a special covered warehouse or silos, as well as infrastructure. This should ensure a quick receipt of cargo to the warehouse from the car and / or railway transport, and after - a quick delivery to the ship, because the time of processing the vessel on the berth is one of the factors of the cost of sea freight.

Our team has experience in organizing transshipment of various bulk cargoes in the ports of the southern region of Ukraine for more than 10 years. We possess not only special knowledge on work with these cargoes, but also operating experience, daily encountering new tasks and successfully solving them.