Container Shipment by Sea

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Today, container shipment is the most demanded type of international transportation. Most importers and exporters of the world choose it, since it has obvious strong points.

Advantages of container shipment
—low- cost
—guarantee of safety of goods

Transportation by sea in containers allows you quickly convey any volumes and types of cargo. A clear freight system and automation of this type of transportation virtually eliminates the possibility of theft or loss of cargo. In addition, the transportation of goods in a standardized recyclable packaging protects them from damage. As a result, the customer significantly saves on individual packaging and insurance.

We offer our clients a full range of services related to international maritime container shipping. Among them:
- development of the optimal route,
- search for the most cost-efficient transportation scheme,
- control of port operations and cargo quality,
- business involvement of leading survey companies,
- Tracking the movement of cargo in the sea,
- legal support,
- Brokerage services, customs clearance of any complexity (import, transit, export).