General and Bulk Cargoes

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General cargoes

What is the general cargo? This is any mixed or single-piece cargo in the package (bags, big-bags, barrels, boxes, containers, etc.), transported on ships more often by consolidated lots. Depending on the measurements and weight, general cargoes are divided into different categories, which determines the specifics of working with them.

Overseas transportation of general cargoes

To ensure secure and safe transportation, it is necessary to take into consideration the variety of properties and features of general cargoes. Their transportation differs from bulk carriers, requires special preparations in the port in accordance with the requirements of the standards for the product itself, the rules of land transportation on the appropriate modes of transport and the rules for safe sea transportation. In addition, their transportation requires the application of knowledge about:

• Compatibility of general cargo;
• the possibility of displacement under the influence of motions and vibration;
• Explosion / fire hazard and exposure to humans and the environment;
• quality losses from external conditions;
• the need to provide certain temperature and humidity modes of transportation;
• Requirements for transportation packing and its marking, including special for dangerous and special-regime cargoes;

The vessel must be in good order and properly selected by the charterer, taking into consideration/account the features of its cargo spaces, decks, the possibilities of locating and securing the cargo, and the drafts of vessels in specific ports of loading and discharging.