General cargoes

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What is the general cargo? This is any piece cargo, transported on ships in bulk, but not in standard containers.

General cargoes can include such types of goods:

- Various types of metal products (scrap metal, reinforcement, wire, rails, beams, pipes, etc.);

- Non-ferrous metals ores;

- various types of reinforced concrete products;

- timber (plywood, boards, etc.);

- cement;

- heavy and bulky goods;

- containers;

- technical means (cars, special machinery);

- food products (cereals, fruit, etc.);

- other goods in different types of packaging.


In terms of size, we can distinguish such general cargo:

- conventional;

- lengthy;

- oversized.


By weight, these general cargoes are distinguished:

- lightweight,

- Heavyweight.

The general cargo can be transported in boxes, barrels, bags, bales, big bags, bags, rolls, cardboard boxes, etc.

As a rule, a special vessel is chartered for the carriage of this type of cargo.

One of the specializations of our company is the transportation of general cargo. We will make sure that this process passes quickly, easily, safely both for the cargo itself and for your business as a whole.