Multimodal Transportation

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Multimodal transportation is a form of international transportation and freight forwarding under a single contract, which involves two or more modes of transport. In other words, it is a combined transportation, in which the cargo can be moved by sea, road and railway - in different sequences and in different complex combinations. As a rule, at intermediate stages the goods are stored on terminals.

The task of multimodal transportation is to organize a transportation route with special purposes. Depending on the client's needs, these may be:
- ensuring faster transportation,
- continuity of transportation,
- financial saving,
- causing the least possible harm to the environment,
- delivery on routes of increased complexity.

Multimodal transportation is not an easy process, but we can optimize it. We develop a transportation scheme that is suitable for the customer and is safe for this particular cargo, and we ensure the following:
- transportation of goods in accordance with its characteristics, and the purposes of the client,
- carrying out correct loading and unloading, control of storage,
- control of the condition and quality of the goods at all periods,
- moving and loading the goods according to established points.