Chartering of vessels

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Chartering of vessels - is the process of finding the necessary vessel, or charter space in a vessel, for shipping the cargo, and concluding an agreement on hiring with the shipowner. The shipper/freight forwarder in such conditions is usually called the "charterer", and the owner of the ship that leased it - "freighter/charter provider".

There are several types of chartering contracts. Among them, in maritime transport, there are three main ones:
- time-charter - is a chartering/hire of a ship for a specified period of time, with hiring of crew members,
- voyage charter - a charter contract for a specific or round charter,
- bareboat charter - chartering of a vessel for a time when the charterer becomes owner of the vessel for a certain period of time.

As intermediaries between the charterer and the freighter/charter provider, as a rule, chartering brokers are attracted. A good chartering broker - is a rare professional who knows everything about chartering ships, has extensive experience with documentation and execution of freight orders, and is familiar with many other things. Such people/professionals are part of our team. We provide highly qualified assistance at all stages of chartering vessels.