Customs Clearance and Insurance

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In case of international transportation, all cargoes undergo a customs inspection, and the necessary documentation is processed/formalized for them. Customs clearance is a diligent/time consuming process, and, as a rule, it takes a lot of time.

Our lawyers know all the nuances of the customs clearance procedure, and are perfectly guided in local international law. The help of professionals will greatly facilitate and accelerate the process of international transportation of your cargo.

Our company guarantees:
- control of customs documents at all stages,
- legal documentation for all goods,
- customs clearance from the entire list of certified goods,
- delivery of goods to the customs warehouse or warehouse of the company,
- Execution of work in exact time.

Transportation - is a complex and multi-stage process, in which several parties are involved. There is always a risk of damage and loss of cargo, followed by material damage. From such, and other risks, the cargo owner is protected by transport insurance. It is mandatory for all types of transportation.

We execute insurance policies for all types of cargo, including oversized, dangerous, liquid, loose cargo; for transportation costs; for the expected profit from the sale of goods.

Possible insurance options:
- single (duration is determined by the period specified in the shipping documents);
- frequent (general insurance policy for the similar type of routes).