Delivery and customs clearance of cars from the USA, Canada and Europe

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As a rule, the term "customs clearance of cars" causes unpleasant feelings among people who wants to bring over a car from abroad. Indeed, the process of customs clearance in Ukraine has its own difficulties and pitfalls. However, during the last few years special customs duties, import and recycling charges were abolished. The process was further simplified/made easier by the law, which came into force in August 2016 and will be in operation until 2018. This law allows for lowering the excise duty for used cars, which are imported to Ukraine from the USA, Canada and Europe. Full calculation of customs clearance should be carried out individually in each case.

When buying a vehicle in Europe, the United States and Canada, the following factors are important:
- cars that were produced/issued before 2010 and are compliant with the Euro 5 standard are subjects to safe import to Ukraine;
- the car must be purchased under your name,
- you can import only one vehicle on the territory of Ukraine under one name during a year,
- By law, this car cannot be sold within a year after purchase. Otherwise, you will have to pay the difference on the old import duty.

Our company renders highly qualified, remunerable assistance at all stages of customs clearance of your car in the ports of Ukraine. In addition, we provide forwarding services, and work closely with a number of large shipping companies and car delivery organizers from Europe, the USA and Canada to Ukraine.