Forwarding of general cargoes

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Forwarding is the service of organizing (but not directly carrying out) cargo transportation. It includes the passage of all types of control through mediation, that is, without the direct participation of the cargo owner. The cargo forwarder protects the interests of the cargo owner in the process of import and export processes, which significantly simplifies his task.

Transportation of general (piece-packed) cargoes differs significantly from container and other shipments. It requires the chartering of a special cargo vessel, which does not follow a regular route, the use of special cranes and other auxiliary equipment. The task of the cargo forwarder in organizing the transportation of general cargo is to take into account all these features, to properly build the entire process and to exercise due control.

Our company provides all services from the general cargo forwarding cycle:

- establishing contacts with carriers;

- purchase of cargo,

- registration of shipping documents,

- control of bringing the general cargo condition, suitable for transportation;

- warehousing and storage control in warehouses;

- cargo tracking, control of its condition and conditions of transportation;

- preparation for customs clearance (import, transit, export);

- tracking to the place of unloading;

- consultations, problems solving in the forwarding of general cargo.