Freight forwarding in containers

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One of the key stages of shipping in containers is the control and direct organization of carrying forward the freight shipment from the supplier to the customer. To ensure that this transport chain has successfully developed and functioned correctly, it is necessary to conduct competent forwarding.

Freight forwarding in containers includes correct documentary support of cargo, intra-port forwarding and other important auxiliary operations. In order for the customer to receive his goods without delay in the port and in perfect condition, all forwarding processes must be carried out with particular scrupulousness. That is why the task of freight forwarding in containers should be entrusted to professionals.

At the proper irreproachable level, we perform such services:
- promote cooperation and outreach activities with sea and land carriers,
- shipping paperwork,
- warehousing and storage control in warehouses,
- cargo tracking, control of its condition and conditions of transportation,
- preparation for customs clearance (import, transit, export),
- escort to the place of unloading,
- consultations, solution of problems with freight forwarding in containers.