Registration of personal belongings of citizens leaving or returning to Ukraine

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Even citizens, who are not linked with/related to the type of professional activity with the sphere of transport, may face international transportations. For example, if you move to a permanent residence in another country, you may need to take more personal things with you, than you can put in suitcases. The same can happen when returning to the country, if you decide to carry a lot of personal items.

Transportation of personal belongings to Ukraine and abroad proceeds on favourable terms, without payment of customs duties and taxes. However, when delivered, you still have to go through customs control, and face a number of mandatory and often difficult procedures.
This procedure applies to citizens who have lived abroad for at least three years, or were on a long-term business trip.

Our company will help you at all stages of international transportation of personal belongings, will make this process as quick and comfortable as possible.