Sea transportation of general cargoes

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Transportation of general cargoes differs significantly from the carriage of goods in containers, in bulk or in bulk (grain, coal, ore, sand). General cargoes are packed individually and can have completely different volumes, shapes, mass. Such goods are transported on specially chartered vessels, and not on those that follow on a clear timetable, as in the case of container shipments. So, sea transportation of general cargo requires special hassle.

In addition to the standard set of procedures performed with most maritime transport, the transport of general cargo requires special attention to such moments:

- necessity to maintain a certain temperature and humidity;

- cargo allocation of moisture, steam, heat or cold;

- loss of quality of goods due to improper storage conditions;

- possible release of hazardous fumes, spontaneous combustion.

Our company assists customers at all stages of shipping general cargo, taking into account the specifics of each shipment.