Transshipment of cargo in ports

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Ukraine - is a maritime country country, possessing sea and river ports with particular characteristics/ characteristic aspects and working capacities. Our company offers services in the main seaports of Ukraine - Odessa, port Yuzhny and the port of Chornomorsk (formerly Illichivsk). Each port is unique in terms of its infrastructure, and its correct choice for transshipment of a particular cargo is the key aspect of the most preferable logistics.
Essentially, the sea trading port is a complex of warehouse capacities equipped with cranes and mechanisms, which provide a change of transport between land and sea for any cargo. The process itself is called - transshipment.

When organizing an overseas transportation, we have to choose a port and a terminal, which possesses the necessary loading equipment and storage areas for transshipment and safe warehousing of cargo. When selecting a port other than the technical component and the cost of basic cargo handling, you need to evaluate the components of the entire process, and this is the cost of using the port infrastructure and services of related organizations, storage, port charges for the services of the vessel.

Knowing all the nuances and subtle details of land and sea transportation, transshipment and warehousing, documents issuance and registration of the movement of goods across the border, according to the requirements of state control services, only a professional should organize and accompany. Otherwise, any errors and even overlays in time will inevitably lead to additional costs in the form of excess of the term of technological storage or penalties, which are often compensated by the client as "force majeure".

In the "GRAINCOM SHIPPING", there are highly qualified employees working with all types of cargo in various ports of Ukraine. Our team will help at all stages of organization and carrying out of sea transportation of general cargoes taking into consideration the specificity of each separate cargo, providing the best logistics, satisfying any requirements of the Customer.