Reference information

Reference information on dangerous goods

Dangerous goods include those substances, materials, products and industrial wastes that, during transportation, can lead to explosion, fire, damage to various objects, damage to the environment. Dangerous goods can potentially injure and poison people and animals.
According to the legislation of Ukraine, dangerous goods are:
- explosives,
- gases,
- highly flammable substances and those that are liable to spontaneous fire,
- oxidizing substances and organic peroxides,
- toxic substances,
- infectious substances,
- radioactive materials,
- corrosive substances.

1. The Law of Ukraine "On the Transportation of Dangerous Goods",
2. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 1999 on precautionary measures and rules for the transportation of unsafe substances,
3. Instruction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on ensuring the safety of transportation of harmful substances,
4. Road traffic regulations, which include special sections dedicated to this topic.

International conventions SOLAS and MARPOL additionally regulates transportation of dangerous goods by sea.

For the international transportation of dangerous goods, special international licenses are required. The cargo must be insured. For transportation, specially equipped transport should be used.

When transporting it is important to comply with all the rules, and take into account the characteristics of each particular cargo. Staff must be well informed about the specifics of such goods and the peculiarities of their transportation, and have practical experience in handling them.