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Reference information on the ports of Ukraine

Among all the countries washed by the Black Sea, Ukraine has the largest port potential. In addition, according to official statistics, in 2017 the country retained its position as a local leader in handling loaded containers, and the total turnover of containers for the first quarter (excluding the ports of Kherson, Mariupol and the Dnipro) increased by 10.43%. Noticeable those such positive indicators were achieved despite the current military conflict in the country, and problems in the economy.
This serves as a proof of the efficiency of the ports of Ukraine.

On the coasts of the Black and Azov Seas, including the problematic territory of the Crimea, there are about 30 sea trading ports and port points.

The largest junction of Ukrainian sea ports is formed by the ports of the Odessa Gulf:
- Port of Odessa,
- Chornomorsk,
- port Yuzhny.

On their share falls on more than half of all cargo turnover in Ukrainian ports, and only these 3 ports are capable of accepting vessels with a large draft (up to 14.5 m).

The key container terminal of the country is in the port of Odessa; it is a subsidiary of HPC Hamburg Port Consulting. There is also the Brooklyn-Kiev terminal, it takes the second place. The record growth rate is demonstrates - private group of terminals TransInvestService (TIS), it operates in the port of Yuzhny.

At the offings of the largest rivers of Ukraine, the Dnieper and the Southern Bug, the second most important group of ports is located: Nikolaevsky, Kherson port, and Olvia (the former port of Oktyabrsk).

On the northern shore of the Azov Sea, Berdyansk and Mariupol ports are located, and in the lower reaches of the Danube - Reni, Izmail and Ust-Dunaisk ports.

It is worth noting that legalistically according to the Law of Ukraine concerning ports, the port is the water area (bay), with all berths and berthing complexes with administrative territory. At the same time, the water area and berths must be exclusively in state ownership by Law. Berthing complexes (from the quay and inland destination) can be private.