International container shipping

Container shipping is the most efficient and sought-after form of intercontinental transportation, chosen by most exporters and importers, due to the following advantages:

– standardized container equipment is used throughout the world. It provides ample opportunities for logistics and minimizing shipping costs;

– the possibility of transporting the container by any type of transport and their combination, and when changing transport, additional overloads of the goods themselves, which are in a sealed container throughout the entire route, are excluded;

– the container is a transport packaging for the entire consignment of goods, in which the cargo is fully protected from external influence, which guarantees its safety and minimizes the risks of damage or theft;

The team of specialists of the company Graincom Shipping has experience in the organization of sea container shipping for over 15 years. Ensuring a high level of professionalism and decency, we offer customers a reliable partnership and a full cycle of logistics services for the delivery of any cargos around the globe.

The container transporting

Due to the wide possibilities of transport logistics, container delivery along the optimally chosen route is often associated with a change in the type of transport. That is why container shipping is almost always multimodal.

In the classical scheme of international transport in standard 20- and 40-foot containers, there are three main types of transport:

Vehicular. This type is used to deliver goods in containers from the supplier’s warehouse to the seaport for further shipment by sea and to the contrary – from the port to the recipient’s warehouse.

Railway. Container delivery by rail is used for land transportation over long distances or for heavy containers, where the use of vehicular is impractical or limited by weight norms. Also, the railway allows the simultaneous delivery of large quantities of containers along a single route.

Sea. It is the most popular transport in international traffic due to its low cost, wide geographical possibilities and high cargo safety. A specialized fleet from river barges to ocean-going container ships ensures the delivery of cargoes on any waterways, using transshipment ports around the world for logistics. It is the only intercontinental transportation for large quantities of goods.

Organization of container shipping

Specialists of Graincom Shipping have extensive experience in transport logistics and container transportation. Providing a high level of service and reliability, we will provide you with a full range of services for the delivery of goods “door to door” or will assist at any stage of transportation, including:

– search for the most profitable transportation scheme;
– selection of the optimal route;
– selection of container equipment;
– organization and control of warehouse operations (loading / unloading of container, acceptance / delivery of cargo);
– insurance of cargo and container equipment;
– organization of land transportation of cargo;
– control of port operations and cargo safety;
– organization of sea transportation;
– tracking the movement of cargo;
– forwarding support at checkpoints;
– organization of certification;
– customs brokerage services;
– attraction to the work of leading survey companies;
– legal support;
– other related services.

Graincom Shipping is a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), UKRVNESHTRANS Association (UZT), the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), the Ukrainian Grain Association (UZA). We guarantee high quality services.